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  • March 10 - IGnatius T. Foobar (Art Cancro) starts the Uncensored! BBS on an Altos 586 UNIX System, running a customized version of the Citadel BBS Software called Citadel/UX. The BBS continues operation to the present day, only shutting off dial-up access in 2001.
  • April 15 - The first QWK Packet Doors are shipped from Mark "Sparky" Herring. Herring's Sparkware continues to be the primary source of .QWK Packet readers and doors for years to come.
  • August 10 - The Thompson v. Predaina case is dismissed, as Predaina declares bankruptcy, voiding any possibility of the plantiff acquiring a reward.
  • August 25 - Fidocon '88 (The Fifth International FidoNet Conference) is held at the Drawbridge Inn in Cincinnati, OH.
  • December 7 - Erik Labs releases BIMODEM, a new file transfer protocol that allows, among other things, the ability to upload and download at the same time, and initiate chats during the file transfer. The protocol usually presents itself as an external program that is called by a BBS.

Source Edit

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