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  • February 10 - Robert and Carleen Thomas launch the Amateur Action BBS, a collection of photographs of regular people in compromising positions, digitzed and offered as GIF files. The BBS soon has many members, and requires a credit card for membership. The BBS goes on to suffer a number of raids and arrests in the coming years.
  • April 24 - RemoteAccess BBS v1.01 is Released.
  • August 13 - Steve Ahola, Regional Coordinator for FidoNet EchoMail Region 16, commits suicide, partially over the prospect of losing his BBS and the RC position with it.
  • September 22 - Erik Labs releases the last official version of Bimodem, version 1.25. This last fix allows accessing of 486 PCs with com ports other than COM1. The protocol will go on to receive development from other third parties.
  • October 13 - Mustang Software (MSI), makers of the Wildcat! BBS Software, acquire John Friel's QMODEM telecommunications software.
  • November 5 - RemoteAccess v1.10 is Released.
  • December 8 - Martin Pollard, remaining author and developer of Telegard BBS Software, announces that development of the software will come to an end. He cites multiple reasons, including a mistreatment by the community and an inability to shake the "Pirate BBS" reputation of Telegard. Telegard also stops using the main Fidonet and joins a network called USTGNet (later ITCnet).

Source Edit

  • Scott, Jason. The TEXTFILES.COM BBS Timeline. [1]

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