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  • January 20 - Robert and Carleen Thomas, of the Amateur Action BBS, are woken up at 7:30am by five armed San Jose Policemen, who seize computers, pictures, video tapes, and other electronic equipment (as well as Carleen's underwear, purses and shoes). The search warrant refers to Possession or control of matter depicting sexual conduct of person under age of 14 (Grand Theft). The charge is not ultimately brought, and the machine is returned to Thomas a month later. A year later, the Thomases would find themselves prosecuted by the federal government in the later-famous "Amateur Action BBS Case".
  • May - Hayes Microcomputer Products announces the Smartmodem Optima Data and Fax Modem, capable of 14,400 bps. Retail Price: $519.
  • June 10 - FBI agents descend on the home of Richard Kenadek in Millbury, MA to shut down his BBS, the Davy Jones Locker, for software piracy, seizing the BBS equipment. Two years later, Kenadek will be arrested, charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud, and sentenced to six months home detention and two years probation.
  • June 18 - Police arrive with a search warrant and seize all the computer equipment of Mark Lehrer, sysop of the Akron Anomaly BBS, after a two month sting operation involving a 15-year-old boy used to download an adult GIF in the "clean" section of the BBS. The charges are soon switched to a child pornography distribution charge when the first charge doesn't stick.
  • September 4 - Fidocon '92 is held from September 4th to 6th in Dallas, TX.

Source Edit

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