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  • February 14 - On Valentines Day, 1996, Error 23 BBS, and the apartment of Brendon Nash (Bandon), is raided by local law enforcement. The raid is part of an investigation about a break-in into a US-West van by 4 teenagers (the Pioneer Press article below gets it wrong).
  • April - Hayes Microcomputer emerges from Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. It will declare bankruptcy again in October of 1998.
  • April 20 - The Developers of AdeptXBBS, an OS/2 BBS Program, determine that the BBS can no longer function as a commercial product and announce they will release a 16 node freeware version. They also announce they will close their support BBS and online support.
  • August - The Uncensored! BBS connects to the Internet for the first time. The dial-up number will persist until 2001.

Source Edit

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