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  • February 21 - RemoteAccess BBS version 2.60gamma 1 is Released. This provides needed Y2K fixes to the software.
  • February 28 - Quintus Corporation pays $290 million and purchases, makers of the Wildcat! BBS Software and related products.
  • March 2 - RemoteAccess Version 2.60 gamma 2 is Released.
  • April 4 - Hydra, author of HydraBBS software for the Amiga, announces he no longer has the time to update the software and is willing to release it to the public domain.
  • April 12 - Hydra (author of Hydra BBS software for the Amiga) releases the BBS source code to the general public, ceasing further work on it.
  • May 5 - RemoteAccess BBS 2.60 (Shareware Version) is Released.
  • May 15 - RemoteAccess Version 2.61 (Shareware Version) is Released.
  • August 9 - RemoteAccess Version 2.62.1 is Released.
  • October 2 - The WIPO hands down a decision denying Robert Thomas of the Amateur Action BBS the rights to the domain name "" registered by Customer Card Services, Inc. Robert Thomas had previously found himself in the center of a federal case of obscenity regarding the Amateur Action BBS, for which he served 37 months in prison.

Source Edit

  • Scott, Jason. The TEXTFILES.COM BBS Timeline. [1]

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