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  • February 22 - Quintus Corporation files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, and a deal is announced where Avaya will purchase them. Quintus had purchased Mustang Software, makers of Wildcat! BBS Software, the previous year. Among the problems plaguing Quintus and their demise were the $250million spent in acquiring Quintus and the small matter of $17.5million in misreported funds, causing the resignation of their CEO.
  • October 7 - Jeff Herrings, currently the developer of the Renegade BBS software, announces that for a multiple number of reasons he will cease work on the Renegade BBS project and declare the lineage dead.
  • December 11 - The FBI enacts several related undercover operations to combat software piracy, resulting in raids covering 27 US Cities as well as other countries. Called, in various forms, "Operation Buccaneer", "Operation Bandwidth", and "Operation Digital Piratez", the result is the seizure of over 130 computers, terabytes of data, but no immediate arrests. The central target is the pirating group "DrinkOrDie".

Source Edit

  • Scott, Jason. The TEXTFILES.COM BBS Timeline. [1]

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