Bifrost BBS was a small to medium sized Bulletin Board System based in Australia. Located in the southern Sydney suburb of Jannali the BBS began operation in March 1989 using Spitfire BBS software and a 2400 bps modem. Bifrost closed in January 1998.

The BBS was named after the Bifrost (rainbow) Bridge, which according to Viking mythology was the ice bridge that bridged the realm between the Aesir and mortals. The name was chosen as a word-play on the old BBS tradition of calling System Operators "god" by BBS users.

Originally Bifrost was housed on a 286/12Mhz PC with a single 2400 bps Bocca modem and a 47 MB hard disk drive using a CGA console. Later incarnatons saw the introduction of EIDE drives, door extensions for online games playing and the introduction of a highly colourful set of ANSI graphics.

The system suffered a couple of major crashes in late 1993 when the Spitfire software corrupted the files database so the SysOp started seaching for a superior package. Foremost in the requirements for a new package was support for fast searching of a largish files base and good graphics support for menus. An other major requirement was a comprehensive scripting language for modfication of the BBS as the SysOp was not happy with the look of many RBBS type BBS's in Sydney at the time.

In 1994 the BBS migrated to KBBS software and OS/2 Warp and added a second node and seperate fileserver. Bifrost BBS was the Ausraliasian tech support site for KBBS until the ceasation of the KBBS project in 1996-7. Bifrost was the Australian gateway for KBBSnet and YankeeNet

At it's peak in 1996-7 Bifrost had some 6,500 registered users of which around 1300 were regular callers to the system.

Bifrost BBS closed it's lines on January 31 1998 when the SysOP started to refurbish his appartment in preparation for moving interstate.

Birost BBS technical information (1998)

SysOp: Ian Wallis

Primary PC: CPU: AMD 486 DX4-120Mhz

RAM: 32 MB

Graphics: VGA

HDD: 2 x 500mb Fujitsu IDE drives

CD-Rom drives: 4 x Panasonic 2x drives

Modems: 2 x Spirit II 56K bps MNP1-4, v42.bis

Operating system: OS/2 Warp 3.0

Network: Novell Netware

Network NIC: 3Com 10baseT thin Ethernet

Fileserver: CPU: Cyrix 486DX2-66

RAM: 32 MB

Graphics: VGA

HDD: 2 x 168 MB Newbury Data SCSI drives

CD-Rom drives: 8 x Panasonic 2x drives

Operating system: OS/2 Warp 3.0

Network: Novell Netware

Network NIC: 3Com 10baseT thin Ethernet

General BIFROST BBS information:

Tel: +61-8-9528-22xx

BBS software: KBBS v2.00p

Graphics supported: ANSI/ASCII colour/monochrome +RIP

Filebase: 195,000 freeware and shareware titles

Restricted adult area: YES

User levels: visitor, registered use, member, life member, visiting SyOp, visiting KBBS SysOp

Email networks: FidoNet, YankeeNet, KBBSnet

Doors: 40