Bifrost BBS (NZ) began in late 1992 as a private BBS, but soon went public in mid-1993. Based in Palmerston North, New Zealand, it was almost immediately infamous for free-speech, counter-culture and drug-culture chat message forums, and the iconoclastic SysOp - Heimdall.

Attracting a crowd of like-minded individuals, the site later spawned three offspring - Porkchop BBS, Moribund Silcon BBS and Seventh Heaven BBS, the latter of which later went 'rogue' and became the antithesis of Bifrost.

The BBS successfully ran for nearly 6 years, closing it's doors in late 1998 when the SysOp finally completed his workflow migration to a Windows-based PC platform, and sold the Amiga 4000 to the SysOp of Porkchop BBS.

At one point in late 1993, the BBS was "hijacked" by houseguests while the SysOp was away for a weekend, and became "Hostage BBS". All members and visitors were given SysOp Access by default and the site was totally trashed. Having made backups just prior to his departure, the SysOp was able to rebuild the BBS quickly upon his return and the houseguests were politely evicted with extreme prejudice.

During it's time, Bifrost became quite well known in the BBS circles as a place where no-one would be judged for what they said, no matter how outside-the-box it was. Basically, it was an online "weirdo hang-out" and had dedicated areas for discussions of crackpot ideas, flame-pits (for abusive spleen-venting wars), discussions of the emerging Anime and proto-Internet cultures, discussions of an informally-pharmaceutical nature, and student life in general - Palmerston North at the time being the main base for three Tertiary institutes: Massey University, Universal College of Education (UCol) and International Pacific College (IPC).

Official Manawatu/Horowhenua BBS List information:Edit

Name: Bifrost
Phone: +64 0-6 355-****
Hours: 24 hrs
Speeds: 300 -> 14400 V42/V42bis
Sysadmin: Karl (Heimdall)
Fee: Free (Donations welcome)
Software: Falcon CBCS v1.00r
System: Amiga 4000, 52Mb HDD
Networks: None
Audience: General
Handles: Yes
Offline: none
Comments: Palmerston North's Most F**ked up BBS. (And Proud of it!)