Central Core BBS/Hacker Central BBS (1986-1998)
Phone: +1-201-575-8991
Sysop: Michael W. Cocke and Evelyne Stalzer
Software: PCBoard

The Central Core BBS (formerly known as The Hacker Central BBS - the name was changed when the word "hacker" was appropriated to mean computer criminal) went through several major changes since it first went online in 1986.

Originally located in the back room of a local computer store, when Mike changed jobs the system was left to its own devices, falling into disrepair by 1989. Mike then put "The Hacker Central 2.0" online from their home in New Jersey. The name of the BBS was changed to "Central Core" in 1993 in an attempt to reduce the number of callers who had a mistaken idea of what was available on the BBS. At the same time, Central Core was reconfigured to make it more attractive to non-technical computer users.

The BBS grew fairly constantly until they moved in 1994. The unavoidable change of phone numbers coupled with the increasing growth of the internet as the dominant computer communications medium had a significant impact on Central Core.

Source Edit

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