The SHOOM-Box BBS was founded in 1988 and was the first BBS in Memmingen, Bavaria, Germany. In the beginning the Sofwtare was self-coded ("frickled") on an Atari ST system and had only very few users. The BBS was run at certain times only (2200 hrs til 0600 hrs) at line speeds of 1200 bps ("baud") in the early days of "DFÜ" in Germany. In 1989 the software was run on a Toshiba laptop under DOS and was no loger self-written and therefore more reliable and more interesting for "external" users. In 1990 "SHOOM" moved within Memmingen and was on the first who was able to get a digital telephone line (ISDN), thus enabling him to run the BBS 24 hrs. The BBS was also connected to the FidoNet as a Node. When the founder discovered the InterNet in 1992/1993 the System was degraded form "Node" to "Point" of "Glufamichl BBS" in Dietmannsried and finally was closed down completely in 1995, when the founder of the BBS moved to Munich and there was no need anymore for a BBS in Memmingen.