Toast House BBS was a Wildcat! bulletin board system in St. Louis, Missouri. Lawrence Gordon, known as Toastmaster, was the sysop and operated it from September 23, 1992 until November 1, 1998. Toast House was a member of the Fidonet (1:100/560), Toadnet, Reshet and Intellec echo mail networks and carried approximately thirty five echos, most of them devoted to various aspects of computer software, programming and networking. One of Toast House's own message groups, The Zodiac Lounge (ZODIAC), became very popular in the St. Louis BBS community and was echoed to several other bulletin board systems. Lawrence Gordon originated and moderated an echo on the PowerBASIC programming language on Fidonet's backbone.

Adding to Toast House's unique and quirky style was its BBS within a BBS. By entering a "door", the caller was transported to Roast House BBS, a completely separate bulletin board system, also operated by Lawrence Gordon, but running under TriBBS. Roast House had its own Fidonet node number (1:100/561) and echoed several message groups, but was largely experimental in nature.

Lawrence Gordon wrote a number of programs and utilities for Wildcat! bulletin board systems, including: FE2WC (a front-end to Wildcat! translation utilitiy) and Wildtick! (a tic file tosser); He also wrote a number of programs for TriBBS mostly having to do with file lists, message tossing, who called today, and other inane matters that seemed important at the time.

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