Check the lining. If the interior sounds like paper rubbing together, then it's not the real thing. A real designer bag will be lined, and often with leather. Again, check the stitching of the lining if relevant, and observe if it is double stitching (not always the case).Look for colour variations. Although some variations will be blatant, others may be very subtle. Be sure to have a close inspection.Notice wear break-in. Although this is post-purchase, how your bag wears in can be a sign of its authenticity. For example, the leather on the handle, after a few weeks, should look like a good worn leather jacket does. It should have an "aged look". Stitching should stay intact and not begin to fray. Zipper handles that fall off early on indicate a fake. Don't confuse a designer bag with making a purchase of value. With a designer bag, you're buying the label as much as the bag and it may not be to your budget's benefit unless money is not an issue. Always check the bag, designer or ordinary brand, for its quality before its style.

That way, you'll soon learn that even some designer ranges make compromises that aren't acceptable for the price asked. It hardly makes sense to spend $1000 on a plastic bag with a designer label over a well-made ordinary label leather bag at $200. Investigate and keep your head in charge of your wallet, not your fashion-hijacked heart.TIPSRemember to look at the tags. The tags are a dead giveaway of a knock-off. If the tags don't look hand-stitched, stamped, or even not there, it's not real.Remember if the leather isn't heavy like leather should be it's not real or poorly made meaning it's not real.If you can avoid it, don't buy your "designer" bags off the street.The Juicy symbol is currently "Love G&P". Knockoffs may have "Love P&G", however it could also just mean the bag is a bit older, as Juicy products manufactured prior to 2006 had "Love P&G".Spell check tags on the purse. If there's a typographical error on any tag on the outside or the inside of the purse, it's a fake, for sure.

Most design houses like Louis Vuitton who make bags with their signature logo or monogram have ways to tell if the bag is fake or real. Louis Vuitton's signature "LV" bags are the hardest to detect a fake.You can take your bag to the store and compare the logos, lining, etc., and see if your bag is indeed a fake.If you can return your bag to the vendor, make sure of what amount of time you have until you can't return it. Check if your bag is a fake before you CAN'T return it.When it comes to designing a kitchen for a commercial restaurant or venue, it is important to plan carefully. There are many considerations to take into account, and it is vital that designers get it right. Failure to plan adequately will often lead to a less productive, and more dangerous, kitchen. Below, we will describe some of the salient points that need consideration when designing a kitchen.

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