But for those who love to decorate, organize, design and plan new living spaces, the extra business education is definitely worth the effort!From the streets of major cities to the pages of online auction sites, replica designer handbags are literally everywhere. This booming industry makes perfect sense when you think about it: Just because the economy is in a slump doesn't mean that people have stopped wanting high-end luxury goods, even if they are outside of their budget. However, when you consider all of the drawbacks to buying knock offs and replicas, it quickly becomes clear that authentic designer handbags are the way to go. Here are some of the drawbacks to buying fakes.Poor Quality - No matter what the salespeople say, replicas are always poorer quality than their authentic counterparts. These fake handbags are hastily assembled in questionable factories, and lack the high end materials of the real deals. While they may fool the average person on the street, anyone with a flair for fashion and designer style can spot fakes from a mile away. When you take a close look at the inner lining of any replica handbag, you can quickly identify the flaws and poor craftsmanship that is a cornerstone of any fake bag.

No Warranty - When you purchase authentic designer handbags, you can be sure that your purchase will include a serial number and a warranty to ensure that your purchase lasts you for many years to come. When you buy a fake Louis Vuitton or Coach handbag, however, you have absolutely no guarantee that your purchase won't fall apart days after you bring it home. While it may seem like a comparable trade to save some money on designer style, it really isn't: A lot of replica handbags are ludicrously overpriced, and in many instances, you could purchase the real version for only a few hundred dollars more.Questionable Production - When you purchase a real designer bag, you can be assured that they were manufactured in fashion design facilities by professional craftsmen and artisans. When you purchase a knock off, however, there is no assurance as to where the bag was created. The "Just Say No To Fakes" campaign isn't a clever marketing gimmick by designer labels; rather, it is a way to encourage people not to purchase bags that may have come from factories where underpaid or child laborers are working under inhumane conditions. Having a little taste of designer style for cheap is not worth subjecting foreign laborers to these grueling and unfair conditions.It would not be surprising to know that different offices come with different work cultures.

When you consider all of the drawbacks to buying fake bags, the pros to buying authentic bags become obvious. Instead of racking up a closet full of cheap fakes, save up and buy one distinguished and elegant designer handbag that you can wear with a myriad of ensembles. In fact, it has been an element of European style for decades to invest in a handful of designer pieces instead of a pile of cheaply made inexpensive items. The concept of "fast" or "disposable" fashion is an entirely American invention, and is not as elegant or classic as the European method. For real, authentic style, only purchase real, authentic items.Teenage jewelry design is always in season. Teenagers are extremely lucrative with these collections. Today, teens aging 12 - 19 year-old are mostly seen at the malls and other jewelry or craft stores hunting for some latest teenage jewelry trend. Fashion researcher claim, American teens are at present spending billions of dollars a year for fashion and beauty, and 90% of them shop for accessories at least one time a month.

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